Simple Solution Cat Litter Tray Deodoriser 500ml


Simple Solution Cat Litter Tray Deodorise contains a pro-bacteria enzyme based formula which breaks down residues in the litter boxes that causes those nasty smells leaving your house fresh and clean.

The Oxy Charged® formula bonds with cat urine at a molecular level, changing microscopic particles into odorless compounds. It’s safe and non-toxic for use around the whole family.


EVERYDAY USE: Spray a light mist over the litter to control odors. The odor-encapsulating formula eliminates the smell of soiled cat litter, leaving only a fresh scent.

LITTER CHANGES: Remove litter and excess waste from the litter box. Liberally spray the litter box inside and out. Wait 5 minutes. The organic matter will break apart, allowing for easy removal. Using paper towels or old rags, wipe away all traces of waste. When the litter box is completely dry, fill with fresh litter and return to its original location.

500ml size bottle.

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