Rosewood Snuggles Tough ‘N’ Mucky Bed for Small Pets


Just because pets are small, it doesn’t mean their needs aren’t the same as dogs or cats.

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  • DURABLE & HARD-WEARING DESIGN: Our Tough 'N' Mucky Bed is specifically crafted for dwarf rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs, featuring a durable outer fabric that is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting and comfortable resting spot for your pets.
  • WATER & URINE RESISTANT: The inside of the bed is coated to prevent urine and water from reaching the filling, making it an ideal choice for pets who may be prone to accidents, and ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic environment for them to rest in.
  • SPACIOUS & COMFORTABLE: With external dimensions of 41 x 32 x 11cm, the Snuggles Tough 'N' Mucky Bed provides ample space for your small pets to stretch out and relax, offering them a cosy and secure haven where they can feel at ease.
  • EASY HAND/SPOT CLEANING: Designed for hand or spot cleaning only, this bed is simple to maintain, allowing you to quickly and efficiently clean up any messes or spills, ensuring a fresh and comfortable resting space for your furry friends
  • PRACTICAL & FUNCTIONAL BED: Our bed offers a practical and functional solution for pet owners seeking a durable and resistant bed for their dwarf rabbits, ferrets, or guinea pigs, ensuring their comfort and well-being while keeping maintenance to a minimum.


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