Regal Cat Clumping Litter 5kg


Regal Cat Ultra Clumping Clay Litter

Most litters are made of absorbent clay, which works very well considering that when ground to powder form, clay has a remarkable ability to absorb waste and neutralize odour. Regal Ultra Clumping Clay Litter is made up from the finest sodium bentonite. The main difference between this and calcium bentonite is that sodium bentonite clumps together when it comes into contact with moisture. It also binds the moisture within the clump so it can be easily scooped out, leaving behind a box of clean litter. Regal Ultra Clumping Clay Litter is your cat’s natural choice with its natural colour and earthen aroma satisfying your cats instincts.

Regal litter is dried under natural light and is free of harmful chemicals.


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