Petstages® Sloth Cuddle Cat Pal


The Cuddle Pal plush toy from Petstages are your pet’s next best friend! Whether you have an anxious dog or cat these soft plush toys will be able to soothe their stress away with a soothing, removable buckwheat-filled pouch that can be microwaved to warm. Just take out the buckwheat pouch, microwave for 30 seconds, and seal it back up before giving it to your furry friend. It’s machine washable, too! When the Cuddle Pal Sloth needs a quick clean, take out the buckwheat pouch and place the soft shell into the washing machine. Air dry before replacing the buckwheat pouch

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  • soothing & destressing cuddle toy: The Petstages Cuddle Pal Sloth is a cute, cuddly, and warming pet toy that your furry friend can curl up with to ease separation anxiety, stress, or trouble sleeping.
  • microwaveable pouch for warmth: These adorable cuddle pet toys come with a removable buckwheat-filled pouch to provide a calming and comforting sensation to your cat or dog. Just remove the pouch, microwave for 30 seconds, and seal back into the Cuddle Pal before letting your furry friend snuggle up.
  • soft & snuggly: The plush, cozy exterior shell of the Cuddle Pal make it an ideal snuggling companion for pets of all ages.
  • machine washable: To wash your pet’s Cuddle Pal, simply remove the buckwheat pouch and place the plush toy in your washing machine to clean and air dry.
  • Directions for use: Microwave product on HIGH setting for 30 seconds. Remove and place with dog. To wash, remove warming packet from inside of product and machine wash outside shell only. Dry completely. (Warming packet should not be washed or wet).


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