Moderna Trendy Cat Luxurious Toilet


This litter box is simply breathing luxury and status! Your diva will enjoy the luxury of this beautiful litter box.

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This litter box is truly a touch of luxury for your kitty to do their business in private.

Does your cat has a luxurious scratch? Don’t worry! This luxurious litter box is Scratch & UV-proof thanks to the special decorating technique, called IML (In Mould Label).

And of course, this litter box is made with BPA-free, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable premium plastic for long-lasting use!

  • Features an easy carry handle
  • Scratch & UV-proof IML design
  • Translucent door for added privacy
  • Includes one scoop & charcoal filter
  • The top part features 2 solid latching locks
  • Premium quality plastic for long lasting use

DIMENSIONS: L50.2 x W38.8 x H37.5 cm


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