HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN Mature Sterilised Cat Dry Cat Food Chicken


Precisely balanced nutrition with a unique weight management formula and clinically proven antioxidants to help keep mature sterilised cats in great shape.

After sterilisation, cats may suffer from weight gain, as well as an increased likelihood of urinary problems. At the same time, appetite increases and energy needs decrease. HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN Sterilised Cat Young Adult provides a unique weight management formula to keep your sterilised cat lean.

▸ Fresh new look — coming soon!
▸ Precisely balanced nutrition tailored to meet the needs of neutered cats
▸ This unique formula has added L-carnitine proven to help cats stay lean and active
▸ Controlled mineral levels for a healthy urinary system
▸ Provides your older sterilised cat with a low fat food, containing high levels of L-lysine to help maintain vitality
▸Made with high quality ingredients
▸ Veterinarian Recommended

Available in 3kg bag.

Ingredients: Maize, brewers' rice, chicken and turkey meal, maize gluten meal, minerals, digest, fish oil, animal fat, vegetable oil.

Daily Feeding Guide
Body weight (kg)          Dry grams
2                                        35
3                                        50
4                                        60
5                                        75
6                                        85
7 +                               13 per kg


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