HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN Mature Adult Wet Dog Food 7+ Chicken and Carrot


Hill’s Science Plan Mature Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken & Carrot Flavour Stew combines the delicious flavours of roasted chicken and tender vegetables in a succulent stew – canned dog food with the perfect balance of taste and nutrition for your dog. Adult 7+ food made with high quality ingredients to ensure optimal nutrient absorption to keep your dog fit and healthy.

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High-quality protein for lean muscles. Made with purposeful ingredients for a flavourful, nutritious meal. Easy to digest. Formulated with Key nutrients to support your pet’s stage of life. Balanced minerals for heart & kidney health. Designed for the nutritional needs of Adult 7+ pets

▸ Made with purposeful, easily digestible ingredients older dogs enjoy
▸ Supports your mature dog's immunity with clinically proven antioxidants and vitamin C+E
▸ Uses a balanced set of minerals to promote a healthy heart and healthy bones in older dogs
▸ Made with high quality ingredients
▸ Veterinarian Recommended

Available in 354g cans.

Ingredients: Chicken, pork liver, rice flour, rice starch, digest, minerals, dried beet pulp, rice, dried carrot, dried peas, cellulose, chicken broth, animal fat, vegetable oil, dried spinach, wheat gluten, flaxseed.

Daily Feeding Guide
Body weight (kg)                  Cans 354g
2.5                                             2/3
5                                              1 1/3
10                                            2 1/4
20                                            3 2/3
30                                               5
40                                            6 1/4
50                                            7 1/4
60                                            8 1/3


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