Bio-Mega 3 Salmon Oil Concentrate for Cats & Dogs (60 Softgels)


Bio-Mega 3 Salmon Oil Concentrate for Cats & Dogs is a premium Omega-3 fatty acid supplement.

  • Elevate Wellness: Bio-Mega 3 delivers optimal levels of essential Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), enhancing joint health, skin, coat, and overall vitality.
  • Premium Source: Sourced from cold-water, food-grade salmon, Bio-Mega 3’s pure salmon oil concentrate ensures top-quality Omega-3 benefits for your pet.
  • Nature’s Duo: This supplement in rich in EPA(Eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA(Docosahexanoic acid).
    • Omega Oils are known to provide support for the skin and joints.
    • Omega oils can also be effective for optimal digestive, heart and brain health

Directions for use

The Soft gel capsule may be punctured and liquid content squeezed onto your pet’s food.

0 – 15kg: 1 – 2 capsule daily
15 – 30kg: 2 – 3 capsule daily


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