These are some of the animal rescue initiatives that we will help fund with proceeds from your sale.

Thank you for supporting us and all the animals we are able to help through your purchases from our store. 

Our store was initially set up to help our own rescue efforts but we want to help as many small rescue groups in South Africa that need help too. 

Please check in on our Facebook page where we will post about the animals and rescue groups that we were able to help through your buying power.

Thank you for helping us in Pawing It Forward x


The members of our non profit company are actively involved with helping feral cats. It’s a huge passion of ours as feral cats often get over looked and assumed that they can care for themselves. We run our own trap, neuter and return programs locally to us in Johannesburg.  

Besides food, there are always vet bills and of course sterilisations that need to be done. It takes a lot of time and effort to raise funds to do this outreach and the work on the ground can be extremely hard but very rewarding. We know the perseverance and dedication it takes to help feral cats and that there are so many lone warriors doing what they can out of their own pocket without any financial support.  We hope to be able to help other feral carers in South Africa to care for these cats too through the proceeds from our store. 



Feed a Rescue

We want to be able to help those smaller rescue groups who are struggling to keep up with their food bills.

It’s extremely difficult to keep up with feeding animals in rescue and it’s the one thing that all groups struggle with as this is an ongoing cost every day, year in and year out.  Somehow rescue groups have to find the funds from somewhere, and we know how very difficult this can be. Please help keep the animals fed so rescuers can get the other jobs done like sterilisations.

Through every purchase you make you will directly help to feed an animal in need. 

Animal Sterilisations

You can’t have rescue without sterilisations.

There are more than enough kittens and puppies being born every year and just not enough homes for these animals.

We want to promote the benefits of having your domestic pets sterilised too as there are just too many unwanted pets in South Africa and we don’t think your pet needs to breed to add to the numbers. 

If you feel drawn to helping this cause then please know that your purchases from our store will also help those animals that need to be sterilised. Please help to get an animal sterilised and stop the breeding cycle.  Shop with us and paw that steri forward.

Santa Cause for Paws – code: SCFP

Tel: 082 508 2217
Address: Countrywide


Santa Cause for Paws is a registered NPC that collects gifts for shelter animals. They also assist organisations that do outreach work in townships, feral feeders and fosters.

They are a group of volunteers, all with full time jobs that run Santa Cause for Paws in their spare time after hours.

We rely on support from the public to help animals across South Africa.

Please help Santa Cause for Paws bring cheer and joy to shelters, those in resuce and of course the many animals every year. 

You can help this charity by writing “SCFP” in the notes section at checkout. 

emergency help us fund

 In animal rescue there is just never enough money to go around as food, vets etc are an ongoing cost every month with nothing left over at the end.

Through your sale we will build an emergency fund. It will either assist an animal with a medical need, a rescue organisation that needs equipment such as a trap, or a tire that needs replacing so they can do their animal outreach or whatever crops up that just can’t be budgeted for but is essential to keep helping the animals.  

In rescue there is no forward planning for emergencies as funds are always limited so please help us help a rescue organisation who desperately need a life line to keep operating and helping animals.

We will post on our Facebook page as we use these funds and who we are able to help through your buying power.